Pandit Vijay Kumar

M.A.Ph.D – Astrology
Gold Medalist
Masters in Reiki


The Benefits to using Pandit Vijay Kumar’s services are numerous. He is honest, reliable, has rich experience and very highly qualified academically. He has been awarded gold medals for astrology, completed his Ph.D. in astrology, has acquired Vastu science expertise and completed his Masters in Reiki.

His in-depth knowledge in Astrology has been recognized by:

  • The Astrology Research Project (India)
  • Viswajyotish Vidyapith (India)
  • Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Science (Matara, Sri Lanka)

Pandit Vijay Kumar has received honours and several of the highest awards in astrology including:

  • Honoured with the Best Astrologer Award from the Astrological Research Project and Viswayotish Vidyapith, India
  • Received the International Award on Astrology (In memory of James Silver) from the American Institute of Astrological Science, NY (USA).
  • Honoured with the Bharat Mata Award from the Astrological Research Project and Viswajyotish Vidyapith, India.
  • Honoured with the Bharat Bhushan Award at the25th annual International Astrological conference held in India.

He has over 30 years of experience helping thousands of persons around the world using in-depth knowledge of astrology with the help of power blessed gems and God gifted amazing spiritual power.

Feel free to call Pandit Vijay Kumar now Tel: 1 (905) 565-5878 (Canada) and he will help you in your difficult time.