Pandit Vijay Kumar

M.A.Ph.D – Astrology
Gold Medalist
Masters in Reiki


Pandit Vijay Kumar is a member of the following organizations:

  • Associate Life Member, Astrological Research Project, India
  • Associate Member, American Institute of Astrological Science, USA
  • Super Category Member, International Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Science, India
  • Life Member, Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce, Ontario, Canada
  • Super Category Member, International Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Science, Matara, Sri Lanka

Pandit Vijay Kumar is recognized as a reputed Astrologer in North America. His achievements have been recognized throughout the industry. He has received the following awards and honours:

  • ‘Best Astrologer Award’ received from Astrological Research Project and Viswajyotish Vidyapith, India in the year 2001.
  • ‘International Award on Astrology’ (in memory of James Silver), received from the American Institute of Astrological Science, NY (USA) in the year 2001.
  • ‘Bharat Mata Award’ received from Astrological Research Project and Viswajyotish Vidyapith in the year 2001
  • ‘Bharat Bhushan Award’ received at 25th annual International Astrological Conference held in India in the year 2002

Pandit Vijay Kumar has written and published several articles on Astrology including the following:

  • ‘The Science of Vastu’ in Bhaskar Panchang, North American edition published in Canada in the year 2001
  • ‘Horoscope and Medical Diagnosis’ published in Jyotish Sanchayan Vol V6, a prestigious book on astrology, released in India in the year 2002.

In addition to above, Pandit Vijay Kumar currently holds the following position:

  • Principal, ‘Canada Chapter of Viswajyotish Vidyapith’ (International University of Astrological Science), India since the year 2000