Pandit Vijay Kumar

M.A.Ph.D – Astrology
Gold Medalist
Masters in Reiki


Q. How accurate are you?

A. I am reasonably accurate. Based on my past experiences and knowledge, I have been accurate up to 99 percent in most cases. In some cases I have been found to be accurate up to 100 percent.

Q. What is Astrology?

A. Word ‘Astrology’ is derived from the Greek language words ‘Aster’ meaning ‘Star’ and ‘Logos’ meaning reason or logic. In Sanskrit language, it is called ‘Jyotisha’ meaning science of time.

Q. Are the charges different for telephone and online readings?

A. Yes, telephone readings will cost more than online readings. For telephone readings, long distance charges may apply, while for online readings, no such charges apply.